What paint could do.

Cooks Pools knows that when it comes to your pool, you never want to have to think twice about what you may be swimming in. It is one thing to keep up on a routine cleaning of your pool to uphold your standard of cleanliness, but your pool’s water is being contaminated by an unlikely suspect: the paint.

Sometimes, it is obvious that your pool needs to be repainted, but other times you may not realize what is happening under the surface of the water. With time, paint on your pool can begin peel and flake off into your water. Regular cleaning does get rid of many of these particles, but it cannot get rid of all the chemicals that may be released in the process. It is important that when it comes to the safety of your pool, you are aware of when you need a paint transformation!

Our expert pool painters are on your side.

Your pool’s condition matters to us. We strive to ensure that your pool is in the best shape possible, giving you the peace of mind that you and your family deserve to have. If you do not like the way that your pool looks, you may want to consider what giving it a fresh coat of paint could do for its overall image.

We can strip the existing paint off of your pool’s surface and provide you with something fresh and new. Whether you are looking for a new color or just need to brighten your existing one up, we are confident in our ability to help you with the pool renovations Sacramento loves.

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